I’m thrilled you are here and yes, those are my favorite earrings and I wear them when I want to feel fancy!


   I travel the world working with designers and artisans from small luxury brands, to working in concert with top fashion photographers and elite event planners. From teaching one-on-one sessions in someones bathroom to working on location on a faraway beach I truly LOVE my job! I believe in the 'community over competition' mindset and I'm constantly doing passion projects to feed my incessant need for creativity and to find new talent in whatever area I am working in. I recognize and appreciate my position of being able to hand pick the people I choose to collaborate with and I’ve even been know to turn down work if the people aren't nice. Life is too short to be around fake people or eat fake cheese! Money isn’t the #1 reason I became a makeup artist and I really like to laugh and enjoy life. MAKEUP SHOULD BE FUN! I vow never to be the grumpy one, even on set at 4:00 am.

I've worked with many global prestige cosmetic brands, notably Dior and Victorias Secret; but Clinique is what what I am most remembered for in my past- I spent 13 years going to different stores all over the USA hosting Special Events. In 2016 I started personally using Rodan and Fields and eventually partnered with R+F to use their skincare products on all my clients. At almost 40 years old I have the clearest skin of my life! It was an easy addition to my brand as my work has a reputation of being fresh, clean and showcasing the glow of the woman inside.

When I am not doing makeup I have a couple other things I invest my energy into.

I am a Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate. I intently work with victims to attain freedom from their abuser and learn how to live new lives healing from abuse. I have worked with the Network for Human Trafficking and SafeHomes of Augusta a Domestic Violence Center doing outreach and revamping the Teen Dating Violence program.

In December of 2019 I will finally be a licensed Interior Designer and can take my obsession with making the world beautiful into everyones homes! My family purchased another house that we are using as my ‘practice house’ to get my feet a wet doing an overhaul inside and out! After spending years helping all my friends design and decorate their homes I figured I’d be the real deal and become a professional.

I love Jesus, my wild family (the teenager part is rough though-thank God for eye cream), sunshine, helping people, the beach, croissants, naps, lunch dates with friends, red nails and red lipstick and a ton more things but your eyeballs might fall out from reading the longest bio page ever. Book an appointment and we can get to know each other more!