You only have one face. Be kind to it.

Just as every makeup artist the world over we each firmly believe taking care of your skin should be a top priority.

Yes, yes, I know. I promote healthy resilient skin with a top brand that is dominating the skincare industry (in ALL markets in the US) that happens to be a MLM along with my makeup artistry brand. You are either turned off or turned on! I know!!

I get the eye roll sometimes and I don’t care because I LOVE LOVE LOVE what it’s done for my skin, my clients skin and my bank account (Hey, I’m honest).

My work with Rodan and Fields is a complicated love story! Nonetheless, I fell in love after much too long, and now I stand by this brands business model and products. I had tried a product many years ago and didn't love it so I (like a jerk) wrote off the whole brand and didn't really think of them for a couple years. One day a new friend of mine Anna Grace Hamilton, asked my opinion on her joining the company... I was indifferent and MLM’s annoy me (they still do). I simply didn't know enough to help her make a wise business decision and I told her so. 

Yet, she was the one I started to watch because within just a couple weeks her skin began to GLOW. You can figure out the rest- that new friend turned into one of my business partners after she turned me on to using the Multi Function Eye cream. I started using products like Active Hydration Serum and Moisture Replenishing Cream on my clients during skin prepping and true story EVERYONE LOVES IT!

Now, here I am your go-to skin person outside your dermatologist office. 

Before you get all excited and go much further 'd love if you filled out a contact form on here and I got to personally help you. Below is the link for my Rodan and Fields Website but I like taking care of my clients and making sure everyone is truly attaining terrific skin.


Augusta Plastic Surgery

Now, don’t get carried away here I’m not promoting people need to spend a gazillion dollars and get a new face and body but I DO like that the industry is changing to be more accepting of things like Botox, Juviderm fillers and chemical peels.